On December 14, at the Ministry of Education took place a board meeting devoted to the execution of ‘State Program for the Education of Young Azerbaijanis Abroad in 2007-2015: implemented works, results and future obligations’ approved by the relevant order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Issues such as the execution of State program, its results, improvement in program execution, solutions to existing problems and determination of priority specialties for the next academic year were discussed at the meeting. The event was attended by the heads and employees of different state bodies, rectors of universities, pro – rectors, and representatives of other bodies.
Education Minister Misir Mardanov has welcomed meeting attendees and underlined that the scientific and education fields of the country are involved in the extensive integrative processes as the economic field. Noting the State program for the Education of Young Azerbaijanis Abroad in 2007-2015, approved by the order 2090 of the President Ilham Aliyev of 16 April 2007 has successfully implemented, the Minister stressed that the main goal of the program is to satisfy the need of the country for personnel fully meeting the latest requirements to create a competitive economy and ensure continuous improvement. Moreover, it aims to expand the opportunities for talented youth to study in the world’s top countries. According to the Minister, 5 000 youth are planning to be sent to the world’s top universities, and up to now 1204 young people were sent to the world's leading universities on different levels of education on specialties which are needed in the country.
Noting currently there are some graduates out of 322 young people, who have graduated within the relevant program, studying at the next levels of the education, the Minister stressed that other graduates are working in different state bodies and private sectors. He said that the Ministry successfully cooperates with German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and CNOUS (National Center for University and school) of France within the bilateral agreements in order to provide the study of Azerbaijani youth at the world’s top universities. 
Deputy Education Minister Gulu Novruzov gave detailed information on the execution of State Program for the Education of Young Azerbaijanis Abroad in 2007-2015, and highlighted statistics on priority specialties selected by young people currently studying at the top universities of foreign countries. He named countries where the vast majority of students prefer to study and highly praised the year-on-year increase in the number of young people wishing to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. Having noted Azerbaijan is worthily represented by young Azerbaijanis studying abroad, Deputy Education Minister put forward proposals of the Ministry of Education for the efficient implementation of the State Program and thanked everyone who has contributed to its realization. 
Next, Minister of Youth and Sport Azad Rahimov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hafiz Pashayev, Executive Director of the State Oil Fund Shahmar Movsumov, Rector of Baku State University Abel Maharramov, Rector of Azerbaijan Medical University Ahliman Amiraslanov, and Rector of Azerbaijan State Economic University Shamsaddin Hajiyev made a speech at the event noting the importance of deep study of knowledge by young Azerbaijanis and care provided by the state for them. They highlighted the necessity to consider proposals of all relevant bodies in the execution of the State Programme to prepare young people of Azerbaijan, where one of the priorities of the public policy is to turn the oil capital into the human capital, to meet the latest requirements.