• Azərbaycan Xalq Cümhuriyyəti hökumətinin 1918-ci il 28 may tarixli qərarı ilə maarif və təhsil üzrə ilk nazirlik-Xalq Maarifi Nazirliyi yaradılıb. Nazirlər Şurasının 30 iyun 1918-ci il tarixli qərarı ilə Xalq Maarifi Nazirliyinin üç şöbədən (ümumi orta təhsil, ali və orta ixtisas təhsili, peşə məktəbləri) ibarət strukturu təsdiq olunub.

    Azərbaycan SSR Xalq Komissarları Sovetinin 28 aprel 1920-ci il tarixli qərarı ilə Xalq Maarifi Nazirliyinin adı dəyişdirilərək Xalq Maarifi Komissarlığı adı ilə yenidən təşkil edilib və ölkədəki bütün təhsil müəssisələri bu qurumun tabeliyinə verilib.

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Secondary special education

Secondary special education provides training of specialists with secondary special education in various programs for different areas of activity based on general secondary education and full secondary education in accordance with the needs of the society and the labor market. Secondary special education is provided in colleges and relevant structural units of higher education institutions and ends with the award of a sub-bachelor's degree. Those admitted to secondary special education based on general secondary education also receive full secondary education.

The normative period of full-time secondary special education programs is 3-4 years for those admitted from the general secondary education base, 2-3 years for those admitted from the full secondary education base (120-180 ECTS), and one year for part-time education. This period is determined by the educational programs of different specialties.

The correspondence of secondary special education programs to the higher education programs in relevant programs is ensured, and credits achieved by graduates - sub-bachelors who have completed this stage of education with high results are considered in higher education institutions in relevant programs according to the rules set by the executive authority.



Resolution No. 230 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the rules of admission of bachelors to secondary special education institutions, sub-bachelors to the relevant programs of bachelor's degree (basic (basic higher) medical education) of higher education institutions, as well as the transfer of persons who have not completed bachelor's degree (basic (basic higher) medical education) to secondary special education institutions" was adopted on May 20, 2019.

International Partnership

The institutions of secondary special education operating in Azerbaijan, Turkey, and the Russian Federation regularly exchange views, hold conferences, and share a mutual experience. In the coming years, it is planned to expand the scope of this practice.




Secondary special education plays an important role in training qualified personnel for various sectors of the economy. Being an integral part of the system of continuing education, secondary special education solves two interrelated issues - the acquisition of various professions by young people and their general compulsory education. 


By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Improving the Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan” dated June 13, 2000, a number of secondary special education institutions subordinated to government agencies were transferred to the Ministry of Education, thus, creating an opportunity to make radical changes in the content of secondary special education, improve the structure of staff training and the network of educational institutions.

Admission to Secondary Special Education Institutions

Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan have the right to receive paid and free education in state and non-state secondary special education institutions. The amount of tuition fees in non-state educational institutions is agreed upon by the Board of the educational institution each academic year.

The admission of students to secondary special education institutions fully ensures the right of citizens to education. İt is carried out through a competition based on a program and a free choice of an educational institution for talented and trained applicants who have mastered educational programs better, corresponding to the relevant level of education.