31.03.2020 12:55

The Ministry of Education presents the "Virtual School" project

The "Virtual School" project will be launched by the Ministry of Education on April 2.

The project aims to ensure interactivity of the television lessons broadcast by the Ministry of Education and to increase the opportunities for distance teaching in general.

The "Virtual School" project is being implemented within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Education and “Microsoft” corporation. Each pupil, having registered on the "Virtual School" portal, will be assigned to a class corresponding to his or her age, where he or she will perform homework prepared by teachers in accordance with the topics which are taught on weekly TV lessons. New tasks on various topics and subjects will be added to the portal every week.

At the same time, the portal will provide an opportunity for online lessons for teachers. The students will be able to use the "Chat" function to communicate with their peers through video and audio.

It should be noted that there is also a mobile version for the "Virtual School" portal. To use it, students must download the “Microsoft Teams” application from the AppStore and Google Play markets and register on the portal with a username and personal password.

The Ministry of Education invites all students and their parents to register on the virtual.edu.az online portal starting from April 2. Students and parents can read the instructions to register.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Education has started broadcasting TV lessons for students of general education institutions on March 11 on the "Culture" and "ARB Gunesh" channels. The TV lessons cover all classes and most subjects and are provided under a pre-announced schedule for both the Azerbaijani and Russian sections.

The TV lessons are also broadcast live once a week, which allows subject teachers to answer students' questions on this or that topic directly from the film studio and provide the necessary additional explanations.

The main purpose of broadcasting TV lessons on television channels which are broadcasted throughout the country is to provide accessibility for each student during the break in education. In addition, students have the opportunity to watch TV lessons and additional video materials on each subject on the electronic portal of the Ministry of Education www.video.edu.az at any time convenient for them.


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