“ASAN Intellektual” development center opens in Masalli

“ASAN Intellektual” development center was launched at “ASAN hayat” complex of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations, which opened in Masalli on September 3 with President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in attendance. 

“ASAN Intellektual” provides all conditions for youth to spend their leisure time effectively. The center will host regional, countrywide and international events, competitions and quizzes. It will encourage intellectual development of the youth, and the improvement of their world view.  The center will also shape the youth`s knowledge and skills to help them build their careers.

The center has a quiz club, library and interactive reading room, career and training center, chess club, debate and rhetoric club, and will also conduct creative courses for children.

The quiz club will organize regular quiz championships and school leagues (What? Where? When? and others) in Masalli, Lankaran, Astara, Jalilabad, Bilasuvar, Yardimli, Lerik districts, regional and countrywide tournaments (Azerbaijani championship and Azerbaijani Cup).

The library and interactive reading room offers new books in different languages and a state-of-the-art reading room to local residents. The library also plans to launch a project to digitize samples of classic and modern Azerbaijani literature. The library will also host meetings with famous writers and poets and presentations of new books.

The career and training center will conduct courses and trainings on various topics for teachers (IT, Russian and English languages, accounting, etc.). It will also organize career days involving representatives of leading companies and give young people practical knowledge in a variety of areas. The center will invite foreign experts who will give lectures here. The career center will also give consultancy services to young people to help them with career choice and planning.

The chess club will work to discover young talented chess players, support their development and popularize chess in the district. It will organize regular blitz tournaments and friendly games, as well as district, regional and countrywide competitions.

The children`s creative clubs will offer courses on drawing, applied arts, local lore studies, environment, and knitting.

The debate and rhetoric club will work to improve young people`s oratory skills, and their ability to easily hold debates on different topics, conduct presentations and deal with a wide range of information. The program aims to increase young people`s knowledge and set up an intelligent youth network. It also aims to improve young people`s capabilities and instill some values in them, including debate methodology, arguing, convincing, rhetoric, critical and creative thinking, networking, and social activity.

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