12.05.2016 15:00

Ministry of Education launches “History of Motherland” seminars

On 12 May, the Ministry of Education organized the first “History of Motherland” seminar at Shusha city secondary school No. 1.

The seminar aims to provide a platform for interactive discussion of realities of Azerbaijan`s history and the processes playing a crucial role in the country`s destiny, as well as to ensure continuity of measures to encourage patriotic upbringing of the young generation, and increase teachers` involvement in this process.

Participants in the event included MP Elman Mammadov, head of the Department of General and Pre-school Education at the Ministry of Education Aydın Ahmadov, deputy head of Shusha District Executive Authority Vusala Fataliyeva, head of the Department of History of Qarabagh at Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Gasim Hajiyev, head of the Department of History of Azerbaijan at Baku State University Mehman Abdullayev, honored teacher Ayyub Shirlanli, as well as employees of the Ministry of Education, representatives of Shusha district education community, pupils and parents.

The participants first watched “History, monuments, sons and daughters of Shusha” video clip.

The seminar provided an insight into Azerbaijan`s development history, and highlighted Armenia`s military aggression and policy of occupation against Azerbaijan. Speakers said that as a stable and powerful country Azerbaijan was capable of successfully completing its cause of justice and restoring its territorial integrity.

They said that apart from obtaining scientific knowledge, pupils must also mature into true citizens and cherish and respect national and moral values. The speakers emphasized the necessity of conducting more systematic and intensive work to raise secondary school pupils in a patriotic spirit, and said that teachers should prioritize the strengthening of pupils` sense of loyalty to motherland.

The seminar also featured broad discussions on the topic, and a question-and-answer session. The participants underlined the significance of promoting – in general education institutions – national leader Heydar Aliyev`s invaluable services to the motherland and his people, increasing pupils` knowledge of Azerbaijani state symbols, historic and cultural monuments, outstanding figures, Azerbaijan`s international standing and recent accomplishments, as well as martyrs who died for the Motherland. 

History of Motherland seminar will be held in other secondary schools on a continuous basis.

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