15.03.2016 18:35

The next "Nowruz lectures" were held

On March 15, the next "Nowruz lecture" was held at school-lyceum No. 6 named after T. Ismayilov.

During the event, Etibar Aliyev, education expert, Doctor of Philosophy, delivered a lecture on the theme "Postmodernism and Education".

The event was attended by education experts, teachers of higher and general educational institutions, as well as students.

During the lecture, the education expert spoke about the history, philosophy, social and national contexts of postmodernism, and explained the basics of critical pedagogy.

During the lecture, he touched upon such issues as the taking into account of psychological characteristics of personality, the creative organization of education, the implementation of new corrective effects, the change of the content of thinking and activity, and spoke about the principles for achieving the creation of new values by society in the direction of postmodernism and the paradigms of traditional and modern lessons.

Noting that traditional education system is replaced with social, personality-oriented education, Etibar Aliyev spoke about the examples of the testing of new teaching methodologies and technologies, the teaching methods based on practical activity, the role of teachers in general and professional education and the requirements for them.

Then, the questions of the meeting participants were answered, and the discussions and mutual exchange of views on the topic were conducted.

In the lectures, began on February 23, well-known scientists, education experts informed a wide audience about the trends and achievements of modern science in a more understandable form.

It should be noted that Nowruz lectures are organized in accordance with the initiative "From Science to Education", and are recorded by “Tahsil” TV, and are broadcasted on Internet resources of the Ministry of Education.

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