19.02.2016 16:00

The questions related to changes to student scholarships were answered

On February 15-19, 2016, the questions related to the duties arising from the Order No. 1516 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated November 10, 2015, on "Making amendments to the Order No. 3108 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated August 30, 2013, on "Increasing scholarships for doctoral candidates, students and pupils of higher, secondary specialized and initial vocational educational institutions"" were answered on the Facebook page of the Ministry by the Ministry of Education.

During this time, nearly 300 questions, submitted to Facebook page of the Ministry of Education, were promptly answered through the comments, and the issues, that were interesting for students, relevant employees of higher education institutions and parents, were clarified.

The Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the expansion of public awareness on changes to student scholarships and the more complete explanation of new opportunities created for learners. 

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