Meeting with the winners of the Olympiad

On February 2, Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, met with the winners of the International subject Olympiads on the occasion of Youth Day.

Welcoming the participants of the meeting, Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, congratulated the winners of the International subject Olympiads on the occasion of Youth Day, and wished them greater success. The Minister expressed his views on the importance of subject Olympiads for the country, the development of future scientific potential, the application of science and innovation, the international recognition of the country, and their importance in terms of the formation of young scientists.

Emphasizing that the Republican subject Olympiads are held in compliance with the principles of justice and transparency in order to be more widely represented at the International Olympiads, the Minister of Education noted that new approaches in this direction had given an impetus to the increase in popularity since 2014. It is no coincidence that 22 000 pupils participated in the Republican subject Olympiads in 2015, whereas this figure rose to 27 000 pupils in 2016. This is not only a record figure in the history of education in our country, but also a manifestation of the pupils' confidence in the process.

Noting that the achievements gained in knowledge competitions are increasing every year, the Minister underlined that the best results were achieved at the International Olympiads in 2015. It is gratifying to take the 48th place among 106 countries at the Mathematical Olympiad and to win a medal again after a long break at the Asian Physics Olympiad and the International Biology Olympiad. This year, we are continuing this success. It is a good result for our country to win 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at the International Junior Science Olympiad and 7 medals at the International Zhautykov Olympiad held in Kazakhstan.

Noting that the preparatory works for the International Olympiads will be expanded, the Minister said that the main goal is to win more medals in the future. 

It was noted that within the framework of the work done in this direction by the Ministry of Education, 3 centers intended for the preparation for International Olympiads were established, a more comprehensive approach to the preparation of pupils was put forward, and the best teachers were involved in this work.

Then, the Minister of Education spoke with schoolchildren, was interested in pupils` ideas, desires and thoughts about the future, and answered their questions.

During the event, a number of proposals were made in connection with the organization of preparatory works for Olympiads.

Then, the young people, who took the top places at the International Olympiads, were awarded Messages of thanks and prizes by the Ministry of Education.