02.02.2016 10:00

Winter school for schoolchildren

A three-day winter school was jointly organized by the Republican Center of Ecological Education and Experience, Young Ecologists Green School of the Social-Ecological Center "EcoSphere", the Central Scientific Library of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and "Baku White City" for schoolchildren under the Ministry of Education.

The winter school, organized under the theme "Green management, green architecture, urban planning, informational relationships and technology", was attended by 7-14 year old students.

During the event, schoolchildren visited the publishing house "Sharq-Gharb" and watched the process of preparing books for publication. Then, the participants of the winter school became acquainted with the exhibition reflecting the achievements of research institutes of ANAS. In the Central Scientific Library of the Academy, young researchers were informed about the importance of the preservation of books and the establishment of a virtual library. Then, they were acquainted with reading rooms and Science Foundations. Schoolchildren were interested in the Reader registration process and the process of ordering books from catalogues. Students, who visited the exhibition hall and the electronic reading rooms, were informed about the information search process upon request, the rules for the use of electronic equipment and their working principles.

Then, schoolchildren and student volunteers received information about the ecology and innovativeness of the main building of "Baku White City" project, the first and only international green certification mark in the Caucasus. The participants became acquainted with the Project for Construction of the future White City.

During a three-day winter school, the meetings with experts, excursions, familiarity with modern technologies, work with working groups and creative lessons were organized.

This pilot project serves to develop special programs in order to integrate the technical, scientific, intellectual and innovative possibilities of the out-of-school education and the efficient organization of children's leisure time.

The winter school will end on February 3.