The student selection process within the framework of the State Program on education abroad has ended

Within the framework of the "State Program on Education of Azerbaijani Youth Abroad in the years 2007-2015”, the final statistics on admission for the year 2015 has been announced.

Within the framework of the State Program, the student selection process on admission for the academic year 2015-2016 - the last year of admission and on the State Program has been completed.

The names of 373 students have been included in the list of scholarship holders in the last year of admission which was completed successfully according to the State Program. So, post-baccalaureate education levels have dominated in this year's competition. 176 persons have gained the right to study at a master's degree level, 25 persons at a doctor's degree level, 70 persons at a residency degree level, 102 persons at a basic higher medical education level and a bachelor's degree level.

The main objectives of the "State Program on Education of Azerbaijani Youth Abroad in the years 2007-2015”, prepared on the personal initiative of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev and approved by a decree of the President dated April 16, 2007, are to build a competitive economic system in the country and to meet the country's need for personnel, who meet modern requirements, in terms of ensuring sustainable development, to create the necessary conditions for Azerbaijani youth to get a decent higher education, to provide increasing the efficiency and good organization of the process of expanding opportunities for talented young people to study in the advanced countries of the world.

In order to implement the above-mentioned goals, during 9 years of implementation of the State Program, the relevant legal framework was created and it was further improved on the basis of issues that emerged during the period of implementation, the opportunities were created for candidates to submit documents electronically, individual interviews were conducted for them and the reforms were carried out to improve the quality of learning environment for students.

The selection process was conducted with the participation of specialists from the Ministry of Education, relevant government agencies and higher education institutions in order to create the conditions for young people to get education in specialties, that are considered a priority for our country, in the world's leading higher education institutions within the framework of the State Program and a total of 3558 people gained the right to study. Great Britain, Turkey, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands became the top 5 countries where most students choose to study. As a result of the selection process, more students won the right to study at a master`s degree level. Within the framework of the State Program, Azerbaijani students are studying at prestigious higher education institutions such as Harvard University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, University of Toronto, Nanyang Technological University and Kyoto University.

So far, 1147 people have registered as a graduate within the framework of the State Program. 60 percent of graduates, who completed their education with higher academic performance, operate in the private sector and 40% of them operate in the public sector. Admission of students, who studied within the framework of the State Program, to the interview stage of civil service entrance exams created great conditions for the use of the acquired knowledge and competency in public administration.

It should be noted that the last person, who is studying (the residency level of medical education) within the framework of the State Program, is expected to be graduated in 2021.

The measures taken and the results achieved during the implementation of the State Program give an impetus to the work done in the direction of "The transformation of black gold into human capital", which is considered one of the main priorities.