10.12.2015 15:07

Academician taught a lesson at secondary school

On December 10, Akif Azizov, academician, Director of Institute of Polymer Materials of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, taught the first exemplary lesson at the Technical and Humanitarian Lyceum of Baku.

It should be noted that the exemplary lessons are organized in accordance with the initiative associated with the target-oriented program entitled "From Science to Education" and put forward by Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, at the ceremony dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS). In accordance with the agreement reached between the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), these lessons will be taught by prominent scientists working at ANAS.

26 general education institutions of the capital have been selected in order to teach exemplary lessons. Subject laboratories are operating in 17 of them and it will create opportunity for teaching object lessons. The other four are education institutions which were renovated in 2015. 5 general education institutions have been selected in order to teach history-oriented and humanities-oriented, exemplary lessons.

Academician A.Azizov taught 9th grade students an exemplary chemistry lesson in the chemistry laboratory of the Technical and Humanitarian Lyceum and answered their questions.

Emphasizing the importance of increasing schoolchildren's interest in science, academician A.Azizov said that the integration of science and education created an opportunity for the training of personnel with advanced scientific knowledge. Academician noted that special steps were taken to improve the quality of education in the country with the power of science. He also underlined the importance of the target-oriented program entitled "From Science to Education" in this regard. A.Azizov spoke about the role of the chemical industry in the national economy and emphasized that this field is a promising direction throughout the world. Noting that Azerbaijan is famous as the oil country in the entire world, A.Azizov mentioned that petrochemical industry had developed rapidly in recent years in our country and the process of establishing new and modern production areas was widespread.

Noting that the Nobel Prize, which is awarded for valuable scientific studies, inventions, services to the development of culture and society, will be presented to the recipients within the framework of the Nobel Week held in Stockholm on December 10, the academician provided pupils with detailed information about chemists, who received this prize.

The exemplary lesson was attended by officials of the Ministry of Education and Baku City Education Department, education experts and mass media representatives.