Diagnostic evaluation of teachers of Masalli and Jalilabad has been completed

The diagnostic evaluation of teachers working at general educational institutions of Masalli and Jalilabad regions was held on December 4-6, 2015.

More than 5000 teachers according to 19 general education subjects attended the diagnostic evaluation held at Masalli Olympic Sports Complex. The diagnostic evaluation was also attended by 99.17% of teachers who were invited to the examination. Immediately after the examinations were over, the results of the diagnostic evaluation were announced. The teachers may enter their Personal Pages on the official website (www.dq.edu.az) of the Ministry of Education created in connection with the diagnostic evaluation of knowledge and skills of teachers and may get acquainted with results.

During the evaluation process, 40 test questions in the specialty according to general education program, 20 test questions in methods and learning strategies were submitted to participants. According to the relevant rules, each correct answer is estimated by 1 point. The knowledge and skills of the teachers, who correctly answered at least 10 percent of test questions in each section, are considered diagnostically assessed. 

The diagnostic evaluation was attended by teachers, who work under labor agreement in secondary schools, included in the system of the Ministry of Education, as their principal place of work, as well as resource teachers and heads of pre-conscription military training of youth.

It should be noted that the purpose of the diagnostic evaluation is to determine the level of knowledge and skills of teachers, to improve the material well-being by increasing the norm for their teaching loads and salaries, to involve them in growth-oriented trainings on the basis of the result of the evaluation.