Familiarity with the activities of school readiness groups

On November 25, the media tour was organized in order to get better acquainted with the activities of school readiness groups at Baku city secondary school No. 5.

During the media tour, media representatives were informed that school readiness groups were opened at 87 schools in the academic year 2014-2015 in accordance with the relevant order of the Minister of Education. Since the academic year 2015-2016, the network of schools, where these groups operate, has been expanded. Thus, school readiness groups are currently operating at 136 schools.

School readiness groups that began operating on November 2 will continue to operate until May 31 next year. The main objective of the preparatory classes conducted 4 times a week is to prepare children for the teaching process, to get used to the learning process and to acquire relevant knowledge. Within these groups, children's mental, physical, social-emotional and linguistic abilities, as well as communicative, gaming and other skills are being developed. Children, who completed school readiness groups, are awarded certificates.

Preference is given to experienced and qualified primary school teachers in school readiness groups, having a great importance in terms of the first step taken towards education.