Opening ceremony of teaching room equipped with Information Communication Technologies, has been held within framework of “Wise teaching room” in the school No. 23 of Baku city on september 19.

Ceyhun Bayramov, deputy minister of education of Azerbaijan Republic, Choi Suk, extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Korea Republic and representatives of “SK Telekom” company of Korea Republic took part in the event.
Teaching room established in the secondary school No. 23 of Baku, has been equipped with 30 tablets, 1 projector, 1 desktop server and 1 notebook. Teachers who teach in “Wise teaching room”, have been trained under model “1 pupil: 1 computer” by “Microsoft Azerbaijan” company. “Microsoft Azerbaijan” provided presented facilities with relevant programs within framework of project. In this regard, english language digital textbook and e-content, have been compiled as sample fpr the pupils of 6 th grade under electronic version presented by The Ministry of Education.
Greeting the visitors Yuliya Karimova, director of school stated that, establihsment of new teaching room is important event in the life of educational establishment. Then, speech was given to Ceyhun Bayramova, deputy minister of education. Greeting event’s participants, deputy minister expressed his gratitude to “SK Telekom” company and Sungshin University who realize project on behalf of The Ministry of Education. Ceyhun Bayramov stated that, creation of education system which has infrastructure based on modern technologies by purpose to heighten quality of education, has vital importance.
Choi Suk, ambassador of Korea to Azerbaijan stressed importance of project and expressed his gratitude to The Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic due to his support for mutual cooperation.   
Visitors watched lesson of Vafa Zeynalova, teacher of school to the pupils of 6 th grade in “Wise teaching room”.