The implementation of the relevant pilot projects has been started in secondary schools subordinated to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The appropriate measures are being implemented within the framework of the implementation of "Healthy education-healthy nation" project aimed at improving the learning achievements of students, eliminating limitation of movements and other factors stemming from teaching conditions and protecting their health.
The Republic of Azerbaijan participates in the international assessment programs playing a leading role in the development of various branches of the education system.
So, the schoolchildren of the Republic of Azerbaijan participated in three international assessment programs. Azerbaijan has taken part in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) programme since 2006 and this program is carried out with the aim of assessment of reading, math and natural science skills, as well as problem solving skills of students from different countries. Azerbaijan joined the TIMSS and PIRLS international assessment programs in 2011 and these programs assess the students not according to their age, but according to the curriculum. Due to the purpose and form of these programs are close to the national assessment, the results of these assessment programs may be linked to the results of the national assessment in the future.
The Republic of Azerbaijan will attend the PIRLS 2016 international assessment program. The pre-test phase of this study was conducted in the current year.
The national assessment research is carried out within the framework of Education Sector Development Project in accordance with the "Reform Programme in the field of education of Azerbaijan Republic" in secondary schools of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The national assessment is the systematic research conducted with the aim of gathering information about the current situation of education and determining  the prospects and the future activity by studying the factors that affect students' learning outcomes.