Executive order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan on fulfilling functions stipulated by the decree of the Ministry of Education of May 14, 2010, on ensuring the implementation of the Board decision 122 of April 2, 2010, on Study of foreign citizens in the Republic of Azerbaijan and future responsibilities

2. Approve Regulation of Methodical Coordinating Council (Appendix 2);
3. Heads of higher educational establishments shall create relevant conditions for the efficient organization of work of experts in the Methodical Coordinating Council;
4. Deputy Education Minister (E. Gasimov) and Head of Department of International Relations (G. Novruzov) shall implement appropriate measures arising from this order;
5. Order shall be published in Azerbaijani Teacher newspaper, and Education News magazine;  
6. I take control of the execution of the order myself.
Basis: A presentation given by Deputy Education Minister E. Gasimov, Order #567 of May 14, 2010, on executing the decision of Board of the Ministry of Education
Education Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan