Rules for acceptance and placement of pupils to comprehensive schools

I. Admission of pupils to comprehensive schools
1.1. Admission of pupils to comprehensive schools is carried out on I and X classes.
1.2. The admission of pupils to the first class is implemented by the Commission organized based on the order of the director of school. The Commission is comprised of deputy director, primary school teachers, school psychologist, doctor and representative of PTAs. The chairman of the commission is the director of school.
1.3. Generally, mentally and physically healthy children who have reached their 6th birthday before September 15 (including September 15) are admitted to the first class of secondary schools.
1.4. In accordance with the paragraph 19.12 of the Education Act of the Republic of Azerbaijan, talented children may be admitted to the first classes. In this connection:
1.4.1. Talented children who will reach their 6th birthday from September 16 to October 31 may be early admitted to the first class based on the conclusion made by the Commission established at school.   
1.4.2. Decision on admission of special talented children, who will reach their 6th birthday during November, to the first class will be considered, and a relevant decision will be made by the Commission established at the Ministry of Education.
1.5. The issue of admitting children to the first class, who do not attend school in time, for some reason, is individually considered and a relevant decision is made by the Ministry of Education. 
1.6. As a rule, the admission of children to the first class will be held until 15 September. The director of school shall take all necessary organizational measures to attract all school – age children living in this territory to school.
1.7. After approval of GS-1 report form, the admission of children to the first class is not permitted (excluding good reasons, such as illness, moving house, etc.).
1.8. The admission of children to the first classes is conducted based on the application of one of the parents (other legal representative). The medical record of children, certified copies of birth certificate shall be attached to the application. In the application of a parent (other legal representative) shall be reflected the main and foreign languages which the child will learn, and information on whether or not he attended preschool training level.   
1.9. Children, who have attended the preschool training level, are assembled in a separate class (classes), in case if their number makes it possible.
1.10. Regardless of parental desire, pupil is not allowed to study at the first class for second consecutive year.  
1.11. The admission to the X class of general-education school is conducted based on the application of the pupil and certificate on general secondary education. * (* The first graduation from the compulsory secondary education level will be held in 2016/2017 academic year. Therefore, the admission of pupils to the first class of complete upper secondary education level – X class will be done by this academic year.)
 1.12. The adequacy of foreign language learnt by the pupil from other school shall be considered as an important condition during its admission to the X class of different school.
1.13. Pupil may be admitted to the X class of secondary school in case there is no other school located near, which provides the learning of foreign language. If the pupil expresses his desire to take an examination on the foreign language studied at school, which he has been admitted, or on the foreign language, which he had studied himself, he will be allowed to take the exam. This issue is regulated by the District Education Department based on the presentation given by the director of the school.
1.14. Pupils, who have submitted a document for the admission to the secondary special and vocational education institutions after graduating from the general secondary education level and have failed the entrance examination, may be admitted to the X classes in September. If the admission application for the X classes will be submitted after approval of GS – 1 report form, the pupil will be admitted as a new pupil. 
II. Pupil displacement
2.1. The Present Rules are defined the procedures for displacement of pupils within the country, as well as from other countries to Azerbaijan during their study.
2.2. Displacement of pupils of I-IX classes within the country from one school to another is regulated in the following manner.
2.2.1. The parent (or legal representative) would like to transfer his child to another school should submit an application to the director of school, where his child is currently studying. The application should indicate the reason for the transfer, moving district (city) and school.  
2.2.2. The director of school is preparing a letter to the director of school (depending on the situation to the director of education department (unit) to which a pupil is transferring) giving information on the current study of pupil in the relevant class of the school.
2.2.3. The parent (other legal representative) submits a transfer application with a letter attached to the director of school, where his child will be studied. 
2.2.4. The director of school prepares a letter to the director of school to inform on the admission of pupils to the relevant class and send pupil’s personnel record.
2.2.5. Based on this letter the parent (other legal representative) takes the personnel record of his child and submits it to the director of school where his child will be studied.
2.2.6. The transition of pupils during the reporting period (September 15 – October 1) is not allowed. 
2.3. The transition of pupils to the lyceums, comprehensive schools, lyceum classes at school – lyceums, private schools, other comprehensive schools operating based on the special-education programs is implemented based on the current Rules and statutes of the mentioned education institutions.
2.4. Non – refugee pupils studying at refugee schools may be only transferred to the local schools.
2.5. The transition of pupils of I and XI classes to the refugee schools is not allowed.
2.6. The transition of pupils studying at the full secondary education level (X-XI classes) is allowed by the Ministry of Education in the following situations:
Pupil is:
2.6.1. transferring to other school located in his territory of residence (village, settlement, district, city). 
2.6.2. moving with his family to different place (district, city).
2.6.3. moving from the temporary settlement (district, city) to permanent relocation.
2.6.4. In case of long-term overseas secondment of his parents and/or his left unattended by parents for various reasons will be approved by official documents;
2.6.5. In case if his study at private general-education institutions, lyceums and gymnasiums with special curriculum will be impossible;  In case of the long-term overseas secondment
2.7. The transfer application of a parent (other legal representative) on the transition of pupils of X-XI classes  all cases referred to in paragraph 2.6 of the current “Rules” will be considered and carefully studied at the relevant district (city) education unit (department), and a decision will be made after informing the Ministry of Education. 
2.8. Education Units (departments) are personally responsible for the attendance of pupils of X-XI classes transferred from other districts and cities to the secondary schools located in their territories.
2.9. The transition of pupils of IX and XI classes is implemented by March 1 of each year.
2.10. The continuation of study of Azeri children leaving abroad, who have been educated in Russian and Georgian languages and returned to Azerbaijan, is regulated as follows: 
2.10.1. In all cases, pupils of I-XI classes are admitted to schools based on the application of the parent, and one of the following documents approved by the director of school, where the child has previously studied:
  • Personal record
  • Assessment timetable
  • Application on the study of pupils during a defined period of time.   
2.10.2. Pupils, who had received a relevant education document on the general secondary education level in the country that they have been educated before return to Azerbaijan, will be admitted to the X class of school in Azerbaijan based on this document and application of their parents.
2.10.3. The transition of Azerbaijani citizens studied abroad to XI class is implemented until the end of the first half of the academic year.
2.10.4. In the case of absence one of the documents mentioned in paragraph 2.10.1 of the ‘Rules: The commission established by the local education authorities determines the training level of pupil based on education programs (curriculums) of I-IV classes, where the pupils is supposed to have received an education and makes a relevant decision. Based on the conclusion of the commission the pupil will be officially accepted for entry to school and opened its personnel file. The training level of pupils supposedly studied in V-IX classes is checked at the Ministry of Education based on the report of the local education authorities through the special tasks and tests. The ultimate written conclusion has been delivered to the relevant bodies. The conclusion is the basis for the acceptance of pupils for entry to the appropriate class.
2.10.5. Pupils of I - V classes can be accepted for the entry to the classes with Azeri language teaching if they have known Azeri language in the teaching language level. The issue of changing the teaching language is considered at the school based on the written application of the parent after the relevant decision will be made.  
2.10.6. For pupils that have admitted to schools with Russian, and Georgian language teachings are organized extra training courses on subjects (Azeri language, Azerbaijan History, Azerbaijan Geography, etc.) that they have not been taught at their previous schools.
2.10.7. Pupils of VIII-IX classes regardless of the period of general education in the country that they have been previously educated are admitted to school in Azerbaijan one (1) class below. This rule applies to persons, who have studied in another country for three years or more.
2.11. Children, who have educated at overseas schools and their teaching language at these schools, were different than at schools of Azerbaijan, are permitted to be accepted to the comprehensive school of Azerbaijan only after taking a special training on one of the teaching languages and based on the desire of parents and pupils.
2.12. The written application of a parent (other legal representative) is a base for handing over the personal record of pupils, who have to leave the country for any reason. 
2.13.  In case if pupil is leaving the country without giving any official notice to school administration, a relevant act is composed without delay by involving school management, class teacher and respective organizations (housing and public utility area, local executive representation), and issued an order on the exclusion of pupil from school by keeping its personnel records. 
In the case of return of this pupil over a certain period of time, its study at school is implemented in accordance with Paragraph 2.10 of these Rules. 
2.14. Pupils of II and VIII classes whose study up to certain classes are confirmed by the official document, but were remained beyond compulsory education with or without any reasons for no more than 2 (two) years, can be admitted to the next class as an exclusive case by Director based on the written application of parents.   
2.15. The transition of pupils from secondary special-education institutions, regardless of its submission, to secondary schools is considered individually by the Ministry of Education, which takes relevant decisions based on the query of parents.
2.16. The admission of pupils enrolled to the initial vocational and secondary special-education institutions to the full education level of secondary schools is not permitted as the general secondary education is considered to be compulsory in accordance with the Education Act of the Republic of Azerbaijan.