25.11.2020 12:40

"The famous teachers of Karabakh" - Mammad Aslan

The next public figure of the "Famous Teachers of Karabakh" project of the Ministry of Education is Mammad Aslan. He was born on December 24, 1939 in Lachin village of Kalbajar region. After graduating from higher education in 1962, he was sent to his native Kalbajar region. He started his labor career as a teacher of Azerbaijani language and literature in Yanshag and Istisu village schools of Kalbajar region.

The poems of Mammad Aslan, a talented man of words who has left his mark on our literature, reflect all the natural beauties of Kalbajar. His friends called him Kalbajar itself. Kalbajar was both the beginning and the end of Mammad Aslan's speech. "It never comes out of my sleep, it never goes out of my sight. For me, Kalbajar is another world, another longing. Kalbajar has remained as an example of honor and dignity for me," he said. The poet wrote in one of his poems, "That Kalbajar will not return, if it returns, hundreds of Kalbajar will return ..." But today that Kalbajar has returned, 27 years later Kalbajar was liberated from occupation ...

It should be noted that the "Famous Teachers of Karabakh" project provides information about famous people born in Karabakh and engaged in pedagogical activities. The aim of the project is to commemorate famous teachers originally from Karabakh.