24.10.2020 12:50

Our students who became the victims of enemy aggression

Today two more of our schoolchildren have become the victims of the Armenian aggression: Ismayilzade Orkhan and Mayakov Artur.

Orkhan, student of the 10th grade of Khoruzlu school at Tartar district, was killed as a result of the artillery shelling by the armed forces of Armenia early in the morning of October 24.

Another student Artur was heavily injured as a result of the missile attack launched to Ganja on October 17. Today Artur closed his eyes forever in the hospital after a week-long intensive treatment. Artur was the 7th grade student at the school number 29 in Ganja.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of their lives and sincerely express my condolences to their families and relatives.