24.08.2020 14:46

Good news from our students: 1gold, 3 silver medals


Students representing our country at the 31st International Biology Olympiad “IBO Challenge 2020” have achieved a great success.

Matin Muradli, a 10th grade student of Sumgayit secondary school No. 15, was awarded a gold medal, Asiman Ziyyadinov and Sadiyar Gafarov, 10th grade students of the lyceum on chemistry-biology under the Ministry of Education, and Ranal Gurbanov, a 10th grade student of Baku secondary school No. 102, were awarded silver medals.

Thus, our students who have participated in the above-mentioned Olympiad since 1994 have won a total of 3 gold, 9 silver and 12 bronze medals. 

Our students representing Azerbaijan in various Olympiads since 1992 have won a total of 497 medals, including 29 gold, 205 silver and 263 bronze medals. Since 2013 so far, 194 medals have been won, including 8 gold, 53 silver and 133 bronze medals, which is about 40% of all medals.

It should be noted that more than 200 students from 52 countries participated in the virtual knowledge contest held on August 7-12. The process of preparation for the competition has been carried out at the International Olympiads Training Center which has been functioning for 6 years yet.

It should be remembered that every year about 300 students from different age groups are involved in the preparatory process organized on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics. Students of the International Olympiad Preparatory Center are selected from the winners of the Subject Competitions or Republican Subject Olympiads held among students of VI-VII grades.

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