01.07.2020 14:40

Winners of the Republican subject Olympiads

The winners of the Republican subject Olympiads have been determined. According to the results of the Olympiads, totally 320 winners were announced, including winners of 55 gold, 105 silver and 160 bronze medals.

The winners cover 158 general education institutions from 42 cities and regions of the country. 101 students out of them are girls and 219 students are boys.

The 10 gold medalists who showed the highest results in each subject at the Republican subject Olympiads were awarded the nomination "First of the first".

It is worthy to note that about 34,000 students participated in the Olympiad in the 2019-2020 academic year. The purpose of the Olympiads is to identify talented children, increase students' interest in subjects, and allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a healthy competitive environment.

The Republican subject Olympiads are held under the general sponsorship of “Kapital Bank”. 

Order of the Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic on the results of the Republican subject Olympiads.