25.07.2018 16:00

French-Azerbaijani University holds admission exam


French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) has held admission exam. The exam featured 462 applicants out of 523, who scored more than 500 points during state examination organized by State Examination Center in the Group 1 and who applied online for UFAZ exam. The average point of the applicants who sat UFAZ exam is 597, with 262 of them scoring more than 600 points.

Under its admission plan, UFAZ allocated a total of 160 places, including 120 on governmental basis and 40 on fee-paying basis.

Deputy Minister of Education Firudin Gurbanov, rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University Mustafa Babanlı, UFAZ Executive Director Vazeh Asgarov, UFAZ Secretary General Charlotte Payen and others inspected examination process and conditions created for applicants.

The two-day exam saw applicants answer 10 test questions in each of the following disciplines in the language of their study (Azerbaijani or Russian): mathematics, chemistry, physics and general knowledge, and also deal with a grammar task and write an essay in English language.

UFAZ enrolls students in four disciplines: Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Geophysical Engineering, and Oil and Gas Engineering. UFAZ graduates receive dual diplomas (University of Strasbourg or University of Rennes 1 and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University).

A joint initiative to found UFAZ was put forward by the presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the French Republic in September, 2014. On April 25, 2015, the presidents of the two countries signed a document on the founding of the university. On May 22, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed an Order on the establishment of French-Azerbaijani University.

UFAZ offers a four-year study in all disciplines (the first year features preparation, with the next three years featuring major studies). The study language is English. Students are taught French starting from the first year of preparation. The study is conducted on the basis of the French program.