28.03.2018 15:00

Event marking centenary of genocide of Azerbaijanis


The Ministry of Education, Guba Region Executive Authority, Guba Region Education Department and the regional Children`s and Youth Development Center have co-organized “Genocide-100” event.

The event involved schoolchildren from Baku and Guba as well as 50 pupils from Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan who participate in “Second schoolchildren exchange program of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking States”.

Participants of the event visited Guba Genocide Memorial Complex, and viewed an exhibition of handiworks and drawings of children attending different courses at the Children`s and Youth Development Center.

Addressing the official part of the event, head of the division at the Department of Organization of Extracurricular Activities of the Ministry of Education Ayla Hasanova stressed the importance of passing on the common values shared by the Turkic nations to the young generation. She also emphasized the fact that schoolchildren commemorate the Day of Genocide and that youth from Turkic countries have the opportunity to see the truth about genocide.

Speakers at the event noted the significance of instilling patriotic values into children and raising the young generation`s awareness of the genocide committed against Azerbaijanis.

The event then featured performance by members of the Children`s and Youth Development Center and the screening of a documentary film on the March genocide.