01.02.2017 16:00

Workshop for school principals

The Institute of Education has held “School self-evaluation and quality assurance in education” workshop for school principals under the European Union` TAIEX program.

The workshop aimed to ensure quality of education in schools, discuss the system and process of school self-evaluation, and share successful experience.

The two-day workshop was attended by employees of the Ministry of Education, more than 40 Baku school principals, and education managers from a number of districts.

The workshop was conducted by Donald Rolls from the United Kingdom, John Vierda from the Netherlands, and Charlotte Cassar from Malta. The workshop featured the exchange of views with international education experts on several aspects of school self-evaluation, including leadership and management, teaching and learning, quality assurance and inspection. The workshop also saw the discussion in working groups of professional standards for school principals and teachers, performance evaluation tools, development of school development plan, inspection, and data collection.