14.11.2016 16:00

International workshop on intellectual property

An international workshop called “Intellectual property policy and research activity at universities, research and development institutions” has been held. The workshop was organized as part of cooperation between Azerbaijan Copyright Agency, Ministry of Education, State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It aimed to strengthen the role of research and educational institutions in innovative development in accordance with new economic policy.

In his remarks at the event, Minister of Education Mikayil Jabbarov said scientific and technological progress necessitates a new approach to the protection of intellectual property rights. “Therefore after Azerbaijan restored its independence continuous measures were launched in the country to protect intellectual property rights and copyright.”

The minister said that the last few years saw continuation of legislative and institutional measures to protect intellectual property, including intangible cultural heritage. “The protection of copyrights and intellectual property rights is enshrined in Azerbaijan 2020: Look into the Future Development Concept, which was approved by the President.”

“Adopted in 2016, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Science highlights principles, priorities and objectives of state policy in the field of scientific activity, as well as the protection of scientific and ethical and intellectual property rights.”

Mikayil Jabbarov said scientists at higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education publish 150-200 monographs, more than 600 textbooks and education handbooks, over 10,000 scholarly articles and theses on a yearly basis.

Chairman of the Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan Kamran Imanov said that initiated by the Ministry of Education, the conference was organized in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization. He highlighted the intellectual property policy. Kamran Imanov stressed the importance of the projects implemented jointly with WIPO. He said such meetings play an important role in strengthening the activities of higher education and research and development institutions.

Chairman of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent Ramiz Hasanov and Director of the Department for Transition and Developed Countries at WIPO  Michal Svantner expressed their confidence that the workshop will contribute to strengthening relations between research and educational institutions.

The workshop heard several reports and featured discussions.

Speakers at the two-day workshop included representatives of state bodies and educational institutions as well as foreign experts.