19.10.2016 14:00

Press briefing on vocational education institutions

The Ministry of Education hosted a press briefing on rationalization of vocational education institutions on October 19.

In accordance with the “State Strategy for Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, the Cabinet of Minister ordered rationalization of the network of vocational education institutions in the cities of Baku and Ganja.

Director of the State Vocational Education Agency Famil Mustafayev said rationalization embraces a number of activities in strategic areas. “The process aims to coordinate the structure of vocational education system management with market economy principles, and modernize financial, technical and training resources.”

He said: “State Vocational Education centers will be established and modern management system will be introduced in these centers. The centers will specialize in different areas of vocational education to meet the requirements of diversified economy and non-oil sector development. Based on the state-business partnership principles, the activity of the new Vocational Education Centers will involve partnership with employers to comply with the changing requirements of the labor market.”

“The best practice of international organizations (UN, European Union, European Training Foundation, British Council, German Society for International Cooperation, Economic Development Co-operation Fund, Asian Development Bank, etc.) will be studied and applied in managing the Vocational Education Centers and organizing human resources development.”

He said those wishing to study at the Vocational Education Centers will be provided with the opportunity to easily enter these institutions (ASAN Peşə project). “A mechanism will be developed to allow the successful graduates to easily advance to next levels of their study.”

The centers will also ensure accessibility of education for people of all ages as it will offer a range of services for the elderly, including education, advanced training, and retraining.

The event participants then responded to questions from journalists.