Department for Work with Citizens of Ministry of Education received 19,854 requests in September


Statistics on the calls received by the Call Center (“Hot line” service, phone: 146) of the Ministry of Education and services provided by Citizens Reception Center in September, 2016, have been announced.

According to statistics, a total of 19,854 requests were received from citizens last month. Figures show that 13,429 calls were registered by the Call Center in September (8.7 times more than in September of 2013, 1.7 times more than in 2014, and 1.2 times more than in 2015).

Citizens Reception Center served 6,425 citizens last month.

The vast majority of requests (mostly for information) to the Call Center and Citizens Reception Center were immediately dealt with. Citizens Reception Center received and registered 1,876 documents (1079 applications, 674 letters, and 123 other documents).

According to statistics, the requests were about recruitment and transfer of teachers, recognition (nostrification) of university degree documents (diplomas), enrollment in vocational schools, transfer and reinstatement in local higher education institutions, and exemption from tuition fees.

The majority of requests to the Call Center last month were made on Thursdays (3,624 calls) and Fridays (3,414 calls) mostly between 10.00 and 13.00, and 14.00 and 16.00. The majority of requests to Citizens Reception Center were registered on Thursdays (1,592 requests) and Fridays (1,568 requests) mostly between 10.00 and 13.00, and 14.00 and 16.00.