Ministry of Education hosts consultations involving new school principals

The Ministry of Education hosted consultations involving newly enrolled school principals on September 1.

Speaking at the event, deputy head of the Administration of the Ministry of Education Farzali Qadirov said that a four-stage contest was held under the new rules for enrollment of school principals. “A total of 2260 people applied for 579 vacant places. 516 candidates out of 1591, who sat exams, qualified for the interview. 208 people were provided with jobs as school principlas in cities and districts of the country.”

Minister of Education Mikayil Jabbarov congratulated the newly enrolled school principals, and highlighted the tasks facing them. The minister said that thousands of young people earned the right to study at both local and foreign higher education institutions through government funding. “And it is school where all these accomplishments and future tasks are born. Any individual`s reaching maturity, becoming a bearer of national values, his ability to perceive his own success as success of his country or society depends on the environment surrounding him in school and education opportunities. In schools, this environment is built by school principals. Teachers` approach to their work, school-parent relations depend on the activity of school principals. The results of education do not depend only on schools and professionals working there. Family plays a vital role here as well”. Minister Jabbarov called on the school principals, who were selected in a transparent competition, to act responsibly and do their utmost to ensure development of the schools they head. The minister also wished the school principals success.