23.06.2016 12:00

Results of teachers` transfer exams announced

The results of the exams that involved teachers employed on termless contracts in the country`s general education institutions and vocational schools, who want to be transferred from one district (city) to another, have been announced.  

A total of 1621 candidates out of 2107 (79.93 per cent), who submitted online applications, sat the exams, with 345 qualifying for the interview stage.

Teachers learned their results through personal accounts.

The exams saw candidates answer 60 questions each, including 40 on subject programs of general education institutions, 10 on methodology and teaching strategy, and 10 on logic.

According to results of the exams, top scorers included English language and geography teachers. The majority of those, who failed to achieve the pass mark, were technology, music and physical culture teachers.

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