21.06.2016 16:00

“Every paper sheet counts” social campaign

A paper waste collection campaign was held among pupils and students of educational institutions in Sumgayit as part of “Let’s exchange paper for a leaf” project co-implemented by IDEA Public Union in partnership with the Ministry of Education and ASAN Volunteers organization.

Titled “Every paper sheet counts”, the campaign was launched on June 1, involving 55 educational institutions in Sumgayit.

Among most active participants, Sumgayit Specialized Natural Science Gymnasium collected 3,100kg of paper waste, secondary school No. 14 collected 2,400kg, Technical and Natural Science Lyceum gathered 2,200kg, secondary school No. 6 collected 2,024kg. A total of 39,170kg of paper waste was collected under the campaign.

Each educational institution will receive different gifts and certificates based on the size of paper waste they collected.

The final event under the campaign will take place on June 24.

The campaign aims to increase environmental awareness, reduce paper wastage, save trees through encouraging recycling, ensure protection of nature and maintain ecological balance.