Meeting on activities of extracurricular education institutions

A meeting was held on June 20 to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of activities of creative extracurricular education institutions of the Ministry of Education.

Participants in the events included Deputy Minister of Education Firudin Gurbanov, head of the Department for Organization of Extracurricular Activities Vasif Mammadov and heads of extracurricular education institutions.

The meeting aimed to learn the current situation in extracurricular education, eliminate the barriers preventing the expansion of activities of extracurricular education institutions, and create conditions for engaging more schoolchildren and youth in extracurricular activities.

In his speech, Firudin Gurbanov highlighted the tasks faced by extracurricular education institutions. “Attention to the young generation is not confined just to secondary education as greater importance is attached to creating exemplary conditions for extracurricular education institutions.”

Head of the Division on Child and Youth Creativity at the Ministry of Education Ayla Hasanova highlighted what had been done in the first six months of the year as well as the activity of extracurricular education institutions. She said there were 206 creative extracurricular education institutions in the country. “They include 82 child creativity centers, 59 technical creativity centers, 48 centers of environmental education and training, 10 centers of young tourists and local lore, 4 extracurricular training centers, 3 aesthetic education centers.” “There are 35 creative extracurricular education institutions in Baku, of which 7 centers are directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education. 171 centers are subordinate to district education departments,” said Ayla Hasanova.

Heads of extracurricular education institutions made proposals on the improvement of financial and technical capabilities, improvement of legal documents, development of staff potential and other issues.

The meeting then featured discussions.