21.06.2016 09:00

Azerbaijan Education Network expands

Fifty-four educational institutions joined Azerbaijan Education Network (AEN) in January-June, 2016 in accordance with the Plan of Action of the “State Education Development Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

A total of 2351 educational institutions have joined AEN so far to have been provided with high-speed internet and connected to each other and to bodies of the Ministry of Education.

AEN allows to build a more effective teaching process and to promote a successful educational experience despite distance. Teachers and schoolchildren in most remote villages are using electronic resources through AEN.

Websense internet filtering system used at AEN provides a safe internet browsing for pupils as it limits access to websites, which contain information considered to be harmful for children.

In January-June, 2016, a total of 500 laptops and 755 projectors were given to educational institutions with the aim of proving them with ICT equipment.