20.06.2016 11:00

Small group home for orphans opens in Lankaran

A ceremony was held in the city of Lankaran to inaugurate the small group home for orphan boys No. 2 on June 20.

Minister of Education Mikayil Jabbarov and head of Lankaran District Executive Authority Taleh Garashov attended the opening ceremony.

Guests first viewed the group home.

Participants of the ceremony were informed that the home, which occupies a total area of 1040 square metres, has a dining room, administrative rooms and 12 bedrooms. The home is equipped with video surveillance, fire alarm and heating systems. There are internet and telephone lines.

Twelve boys deprived of parental care were selected from state orphanages to be resettled in the group home No. 2.

They will be cared for here until they turn 18. Those who decide to continue their education, will be allowed to continue to live in the group home. The children living here will go to nearby general education institutions.

In comparison with state orphanages, in group homes children have their own bedrooms, personal belongings and writing tables. Social workers (care assistants) will care for children in several shifts here.

Considered a successful international practice, small group homes provide comfortable conditions. Based on the Turkish model, separate group homes are built for girls and boys in Azerbaijan.

In accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Mınisters, the group home for 10 orphan girls No. 1 was built in Baku in 2013 with the aim of ensuring the right of the children deprived of parental care to adequate housing.