16.06.2016 15:00

SABAH groups entrance exams

Entrance exams were held as part of the competition for students to study at SABAH groups in 2016-2017 academic year.

The exam, which involved 1750 students, was held at Azerbaijan State Economic University and Education Complex No. 132-134.

Each student responded to a total of 100 questions, including 50 on English language and 50 on logic. Results will be available on the official website of SABAH groups (www.sabah.edu.az).

The students who achieve top scores will qualify for the interview. Those who succeed will continue their education – from the second year in accordance with their specialties – at SABAH groups at higher education institutions.

Applications for entering SABAH groups were open from May 7 to 25. A total of 2229 students applied online for 45 specialties, with 2067 qualifying for exams. 

Launched in 2014-2015 academic year, SABAH groups now enroll more than 1600 students in 11 higher education institutions. SABAH project is designed to create long-term and comprehensive conditions for quality changes in the education system.

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