08.06.2016 14:00

Azerbaijani judo fighters win international tournament

Azerbaijani fighters have won the 28th international junior judo tournament commemorating Hazi Aslanov.

A total of 357 fighters from 10 countries contested medals of the tournament, where the Ministry of Education was represented by 38 athletes of the Olympic Reserve Specialized School No. 13.

The judo fighters of the school claimed a clutch of seven medals, including four golds, one silver and two bronzes, to rank first at the tournament. Murad Abishov (46 kg), Jafar Akbarli (90 kg), Mehdi Zeynalov (55 kg) and Diana Shoranova (70 kg) won gold medals. Sabir Ismayilov grabbed silver in the 66 kg weight category. Nigar Hajiramazanova and Pasha Aliyev took bronze medals in the 40 kg and 73 kg divisions respectively,

Azerbaijan topped the overall medal table of the tournament, followed by Georgia and Hungary.