02.06.2016 12:00

–°ompetition to admit children into general education institutions ends

A competition to admit children into lyceums, gymnasiums and other general education institutions in the city of Baku has ended.  

The competition was held in 15 general education institutions with the aim of discovering talented children and providing them with an innovative training process.

Online registration for the competition to admit children into general education institutions in Baku for the 2016-2017 academic year was open from March 1 to April 10 at www.mektebeqebul.edu.az. A total of 4449 applications were received by the general education institutions.

The competitions were held from April 15 to May 15, 2016 under internal regulations of each general education institution. A total of 2350 children were admitted into general education institutions on the basis of some selection criteria, including world view, mathematical knowledge, logic, psychology, creative and communication skills. Of them, 1144 got accepted to Azerbaijani section, and 1206 to Russian section.

Competition was most fierce in the secondary school No. 23, where more than three children were chasing each place. Other educational institutions inundated with applications were Baku European Lyceum, Zakalar Lyceum No. 287, Elite Gymnasium named after Ilyas Afandiyev, School and Lyceum Complex under Baku Slavic University, and Ankara School.

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