01.06.2016 14:00

Azerbaijani delegation attends 15th General Assembly Meeting of COMSTECH

An Azerbaijani delegation led by Minster of Education Mikayil Jabbarov is attending the 15th General Assembly Meeting of the Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) (COMSTECH) in Islamabad, Pakistan.

COMSTECH was established by the Third Islamic Summit of OIC held in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, in 1981. The President of Pakistan is chairman of COMSTECH. The core mandate of COMSTECH is to strengthen cooperation among OIC Member States in science and technology, and enhance their capabilities through training in emerging areas, undertake follow-up-actions and implementation of the resolutions of the OIC, and to draw up programs and submit proposals designed to increase the capability of the Muslim countries in science and technology.

The opening session, which took place on May 31, was addressed by President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain, Minister of Science and Technology Rana Tanvir Hussain, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Iyad Ameen Madani, President of the Islamic Development Bank Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al Madani, and COMSTECH Coordinator General Shaukat Hameed Khan.

Delegates from more than 50 countries attended the event, with over 30 countries represented by ministers of science, technologies and education.

In his address, Minister of Education Mikayil Jabbarov highlighted the role of science and education in Azerbaijan`s development in accordance with “Azerbaijan 2020: A look into the Future” Development Concept initiated by the Azerbaijani President. The Minister drew the audience`s attention to the government`s measures to ensure coordination of science, technology and education, and to encourage schoolchildren who have interest in science. Mikayil Jabbarov underlined the importance of the agreement on cooperation with Thomson Reuters, under which, 40 higher education institutions in Azerbaijan received access to products and services of the company.

The Minister also provided an insight into the activities of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, and the country’s accomplishments in the fields of information and communication technologies and space industry. He emphasized the launch of Azerbaijan`s first national satellite into orbit in 2013. “All this is indicative of the emphasis placed by the Azerbaijani government on innovative development and modernization”

Azerbaijan was elected one of the deputy co-chairs of the COMSTECH General Assembly Meeting, which testifies to the country`s increasing prestige in the world and, in particular, within OIC. In this capacity, Minister Mikayil Jabbarov chaired a plenary meeting, which considered reports and proposals submitted by specialized agencies of OIC and COMSTECH.

On the sidelines of the event, the Azerbaijani delegation attended a reception hosted by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The delegation also held meetings and consultations with representatives of other countries` ministries and specialized agencies.

The 15th General Assembly Meeting of COMSTECH will wrap up on June 1.