Schoolchildren`s sporting competition wraps up

Mass sporting events aimed at promoting Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe among schoolchildren ended.

Held among Baku schoolchildren, the events were organized by “Tahsil” Republican Sport Center in partnership with the Ministry of Education and relevant sport federations. The final stage of athletics, cycling and basketball competitions took place at Baku White City boulevard from May 23-26.

In athletics, school No. 92 ranked first, while Ankara lyceum and school No. 323 finished second and third respectively. In 3x3 basketball, school No. 169 became first, followed by school No. 17 and school No. 18. School No. 251 won cycling event, with school No. 29 finishing as runner-up and Education Complex No. 132-134 ranking third.

The winners were awarded cups, certificates and valuable prizes by the Ministry of Education.

A total of 4030 schoolchildren from 310 secondary schools in Baku participated in the sporting events. Apart from promoting Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe among schoolchildren, the events also aimed to encourage their interest in different sports, effectively organize their leisure time and maintain their physical health.