17.05.2016 09:39

Winners of Countrywide Subject Olympiad awarded

A ceremony was held on May 17 to award the winners of the Countrywide Subject Olympiad.

The event started with the playing of the state anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. A video clip on the Countrywide Subject Olympiads was screened.

Participants in the ceremony included Minister of Education Mikayil Jabbarov, parliamentarians, heads of government bodies, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions, intelligentsia, chairmen and members of the jury panel, winners of the Olympiad, and representatives of the education community.

Minister of Education Mikayil Jabbarov said subject Olympiads were held every academic year with the aim of discovering talented pupils, developing their potential and conducting purposeful work with them. “Held in an atmosphere of objective, healthy and fair competition, these Olympiads contribute to increasing pupils` interest in relevant subjects.”

The Minister said that the number of pupils participating in the first stage of the Countrywide Subject Olympiad increased this year to reach 27,500. Minister Mikayil Jabbarov hailed the fact that pupils from regions dominated those from the capital among the winners, adding that a total of 260 pupils became winners in the Olympiad.

The Minister said success of Azerbaijani pupils at international Olympiads and competitions was indicative of effectiveness of the purposeful measures taken in this regard. Azerbaijani pupils have claimed five silver and 11 bronze medals at five international subject Olympiads in Korea, Albania, Russia and China this academic year. It`s no coincidence that the winners of a number of countrywide and international Olympiads study at leading universities across the world. The winners of the Moscow-hosted International Mendeleyev Olympiad were invited to Lomonosov Moscow State University, the pupils who won medals at Balkan Mathematical Olympiad were invited to Bilkent and Middle East Technical universities in Turkey.

The Minister hailed the role of teachers at general education institutions in ensuring these accomplishments, and wished them success in preparing talented pupils. Minister Mikayil Jabbarov congratulated pupils, their teachers and parents, and underlined the importance of taking advantage of the existing opportunities in order to achieve better results.

A total of 27,500 pupils participated in the first stage of the Countrywide Subject Olympiad, while the second stage involved 4,174 pupils. Some 694 pupils contested medals in the final stage of the Olympiad, with 128 winning in technical subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics), and 132 in humanities (Azerbaijani language and literature, history and geography).

Other speakers highlighted what had been done to ensure Azerbaijani pupils` success at international Olympiads, and emphasized the significance of the activity of Olympiad centers in the country and subject Olympiads for junior pupils.

The winning pupils said such events encourage them to master different subjects and build a healthy competition environment.

The winners were awarded certificates and valuable prizes by the Ministry of Education.

APA News Agency and 1news.az website provided information support for the event.