18.03.2016 14:00

Recruitment of school principals started

On March 18, the Ministry of Education held a press conference on the approval of new rules for recruitment to the post of director of general educational institution and displacement of directors.

It was noted at the press conference that according to the new rules which were approved, the Ministry of Education would hold a competition in a centralized manner for filling vacant positions as directors of general educational institutions. The four-stage competition will take place during the months of March and April.

The new rules include a number of innovations in recruitment of directors and change of workplace. Thus, each person, who has received higher education in the field of teaching or management, and has had at least 5 years of teaching experience, will be able to participate in the competition for filling the post of director. Any person, who meets the above-mentioned requirements, may choose a vacant position of director of school of district (city), where he (she) is registered or is actually living, in order to participate in the competition. Persons wishing to register should visit this page.

In addition, persons who have received a "Certificate of Success" by completing the "Training courses on identifying candidates for leading positions in general educational institutions" and who have participated in the competition for the recruitment of directors in the cities and regions covered by these training courses, are exempted from the third stage (examination) of the competition and pass to the fourth stage (interview). 

Persons who want to become a school principal are required to answer test questions in the field of labor and education legislation, school governance, finance and statistics, as well as to write an essay on the topic submitted in advance.

It was also noted at the press conference that monthly wages, determined in accordance with the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "Increasing the teaching loads and wages of teachers who are working at public general educational institutions and whose knowledge and skills have been diagnostically evaluated", had been increased by 10% since April 1.   

In the end, numerous questions from journalists were answered.