18.03.2016 13:00

The awards ceremony at the lyceum

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the project "Thought observation" was held at the lyceum named after Academician Zarifa Aliyeva in Baku.

The project " Thought observation", carried out with the support of Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and in partnership with DVC (Debate in Civil Society Public Union), serves the purpose of increasing young people's interest in dramatic reading, organizing their leisure time more effectively, expressing themselves more fully and acquiring the ability to analyze.

Under the project "Thought observation", young people discussed the literary writing, that was presented to them, as a team, and presented the idea, that the author wants to convey to the reader, through a series of videos made in the form of silent film. The videos were evaluated by the jury. The winning teams were awarded medals, diplomas and prizes.

The event was attended by Huseyn Mirzayev, Senior Adviser of the Department of educational development programs at the Ministry of Education, Mirahmad Askerov, artistic director of the Cultural Center named after I.M.Abilov, director Afghan Yusibov, and Janoglan Ilyasov, DVC's program manager, as well as teachers and pupils of the lyceum.

It should be noted that DVC, which began operating as the "Debate" educational program since 1998 in Azerbaijan, operates within the framework of the programs "National Debate", "Youth Inc.", and "Green Office" in order to enlighten the society. The National Debate Program, which is one of the leading programs of DVC, is aimed at enlightening young people and creating a network of intellectual youth.  Debate methodology, social activeness, as well as other knowledge, skills and values are instilled in young people through the program. The program covers the country's 45 regions and large cities, and includes 11 regional representative offices. So far, more than 40000 young people participated in the events held within the framework of the National Debate Program.