10.03.2016 17:00

The next "Nowruz lecture"

On March 10, the next "Nowruz lecture" was held at Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS).

The event was attended by scientists of ANAS, teachers and students of higher educational institutions.

During the meeting, Mukhtar Imanov, Director of the Institute of Folklore, delivered a lecture on the theme "Nowruz philosophy" and Telman Aliyev, Director of the Institute of Control Systems of ANAS, delivered a lecture on the theme "Formation and current state of computer science in Azerbaijan".

In his lecture, Academician Mukhtar Imanov spoke about the historical roots, philosophy, ancient traditions of Nowruz holiday, and gave detailed information about Nowruz Tuesdays. Noting that Nowruz means "a new day", "the beginning of the new year", Academician underlined that the holiday, which is celebrated in many countries around the world each year, includes artistic and aesthetic, mythical, spiritual and moral, and worldly feelings. It was noted that Nowruz was included in the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO on September 30, 2009. March 21 was recognized as the International Day of Nowruz at the meeting of the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2010.

Then, academician Telman Aliyev delivered a lecture on the theme "Formation and current state of computer science in Azerbaijan". In his lecture, he provided detailed information on the elaboration of the first element and facilities of information and computing technology, the development of the field of information technology in Azerbaijan, and the achievements gained. It was noted that the problems associated with the use of information technology in the country, and the need for investigations and highly qualified staff in this direction were taken into account, and the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS was established for this purpose.

Academician spoke about the study of systems covering different fields such as oil and gas production, oil refining, transport, energy engineering, and construction in Azerbaijan through the use of new information technologies, and about the use of seismic devices developed on the basis of new technologies in our country.

At the event, they exchanged views on the questions of participants.

"Nowruz lectures" are organized in accordance with the initiative "From Science to Education" and are recorded by “Tahsil” TV, and are broadcasted on Internet resources of the Ministry of Education.

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