19.02.2016 10:00

The Conference on the project “Globallab”

The Conference was held at Baku European Lyceum for the project “Globallab”, realized by UNESCO.

The Conference was attended by employees of the Ministry of Education, the Organization of “Microsoft Azerbaijan” and ITE Training Center, heads of educational institutions, teachers and pupils.

At the Conference, the achievements and results, obtained in the first stage of the project, were discussed and participating schools received certificates in different categories.

It should be noted that Baku European Lyceum is the educational institution that implements the relevant ideas as the model school of the project “Globallab” in Azerbaijan. The lyceum received this status as the winner of UNESCO's "Education for the Future Project" among representatives from 18 countries during the years 2012-2014 by the Institute for Information Technologies in Education. Since 2015, 10 schools in Baku have been working on the projects entitled "Protection of our planet's natural resources" and "Establishment of the bank of cultural and environmental traditions of countries in the world as the resource for protecting nature on our planet" developed by Baku European Lyceum. The projects, focused on the ideas of multiculturalism, serve the purpose of preserving ecological consciousness and traditions in pupils and developing skills in line with modern requirements.   

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