15.02.2016 13:00

The presentation ceremony of the Republican Championship

The presentation ceremony of the Republican Championship, to be organized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Republican Committee of Independent Trade Union of Education Workers of Azerbaijan Republic, the Association of Trade Union Sports Organizations of Azerbaijan, the Republican Sports Center "Tahsil" and the Republican Council of Student Sports Association "Ganjlik", among students of higher education institutions was held.

The presentation ceremony, held at the assembly hall of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), was attended by representatives of sports teams of higher education institutions, master judges in various sports and members of the working group.

The regulations of the championship were presented to the participants of the ceremony in the form of a video.

The program of the Republican Championship, to be held in March-May, 2016, among students, includes 10 kinds of sports.

Natig Lahijov, Director of the Republican Sports Center "Tahsil", provided detailed information about the preparation stages for the championship, the rules of filling out order forms for teams, and the conditions for holding games. According to him, the Ministry of Education provides the necessary assistance to better organize sporting events to be held among students of higher education institutions.

Then, the proposals were heard, and the participants were informed about the rules of holding games by master judges in various sports.

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