The mobile group of "Education Volunteers" was established

The mobile group of "Education Volunteers", consisting of students, was established in order to promote electronic textbooks among the general public.

"Education Volunteers" visit the schools, located in Baku, and explain the rules of registration on e-textbook portal and the guidelines for use of books to students and teachers.

Since November last year, the mobile group of "Education Volunteers" conducted trainings about the advantages of electronic textbooks and the guidelines for their use for more than 20 000 students and more than 2 000 teachers in 104 secondary schools in Sabail, Nasimi, Nizami, Binagadi and Narimanov districts of Baku within 3 months. The presentations have been continuing since February in secondary schools located in Yasamal district.

It should be noted that the e-textbook portal (www.e-derslik.edu.az) was put into operation by the Ministry of Education since 2014 by taking into account the urgency of electronic textbooks in the modern education system and expanding the activities in this direction.

The number of the textbooks, placed on the portal, is increasing every month on a regular basis. In the second half of 2015, 48 units of electronic textbooks were placed on the e-textbook portal. At present, there are 107 units of electronic textbooks for Classes I-IV and VI-VIII of the Azerbaijani and Russian sectors. 5th and 9-11th grade textbooks will be placed on the portal in electronic form in the next stage, after publication in accordance with the new curriculum. 

The main purpose of the creation of the portal is to create favorable conditions for learners to take an active part in the education process, to make effective use of ICT and to read textbooks in electronic format.

Through this portal, schoolchildren can use textbooks at any time and place. Users have the opportunity to read textbooks in online form or in electronic version by downloading on tablets, and to take relevant electronic notes on any page of the textbook in the online mode.

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