08.02.2016 12:00

On February 8, Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, received citizens at the Youth Center in Gobustan.

The citizens mostly appealed on the issues like recruitment of teachers or replacement of work place from one school to another one also from one region to another one, restoration to the work, recognition of educational documents, transfer of the students of higher and secondary specialized schools from one educational institution to another one, study fee and other issues in the reception held in accordance with citizens’ reception schedule of heads of central executive authorities in the towns and regions for February, 2016. 

The reception was also attended by the internally displaced persons, temporarily settled in the mentioned regions.

Most of the issues raised by the citizens were solved immediately. Relevant bodies of the Ministry were given instructions on several appeals.

The citizens` appeals, having a personal character or not being within the competence of the Ministry, were recorded and taken under control in order to be delivered to the relevant bodies.