05.02.2016 18:00

The next seminar on the theme "Teacher-student relationships and classroom management"

On February 5, the next seminar on the theme "Teacher-student relationships and classroom management" was held in the city of Sumgait with the organizational support of the Ministry of Education.

The seminar was attended by employees of the Ministry of Education, the leadership of Sumgait City Education Department, directors of general educational institutions, teachers, education experts, psychologists and mass media representatives.

The main purpose of the seminar is to support the improvement of teacher-student relationships and to promote the establishment of parent-teacher-student relationship on the basis of sound principles and the use of new methods in classroom management.

At the seminar, Vafa Yagublu, Senior Adviser of the Ministry of Education, delivered a presentation on the formation of positive behavioral habits in students, the development of emotional intelligence, the organization of awareness-raising campaigns for parents, the duties and principles of ethical conduct established by law for teachers' occupational activity.

Ilhama Sultanova, Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, delivered a presentation on the theme "Psychological consequences of physical and emotional violence, civilized ways of punishment", spoke about the ways to correct student misbehavior in school, put forward proposals in order to regulate teacher-student, teacher-parent relationships.

Then, the speakers touched upon the issue of attitude of mass media and social media towards the importance of improving the management in increasing the quality of education and the processes taking place within the framework of teacher-student relationships. In their speeches, they made proposals on the preparation of qualified parents, the intensification of propaganda work in this regard, the regular holding of such workshops and other such issues. It should be noted that the Ministry of Education has conducted trainings since the academic year 2013-2014 for prospective teachers and deputy directors, who want to become a school principal, in order to create favorable conditions for school principals to acquire the necessary characteristics, modern knowledge and skills.

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