The seminar on the theme "Teacher-student relationships and classroom management" in Absheron

On January 28, the seminar on the theme "Teacher-student relationships and classroom management" was held at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Absheron district with the organizational support of the Ministry of Education.

The seminar was attended by employees of the Ministry of Education, officials of the Executive Power of Absheron District, the leadership and staff of Absheron District Education Department, education experts, directors of general educational institutions of the district, teachers and mass media representatives.

The main purpose of the seminar is to support the improvement of teacher-student relationships and to emphasize the role of healthy relationships in improving the quality of education.

At the seminar, Vafa Yagublu, Senior Adviser of the Ministry of Education, delivered a presentation on the formation of positive behavioral habits in students, the creation of a healthy environment in general educational institutions, the occupational standards and the code of ethics for teachers. 

During the event, the causes of the negative aspects of teacher-student relationships, the main provisions of the ability of teachers to communicate and to collaborate with students were explained and the constructive ways to solve the existing problems were discussed.

The speakers noted that the parent factor plays a significant role in regulating the teacher-student relationships. They also underlined the importance of establishing the parent-teacher-student relationship on the basis of sound principles in order to save the reputation of the teacher. In their speeches, they touched upon the issue of further improvement of the work of the Pedagogical Councils in schools.

It should be noted that the seminar was organized by "APA Holding" and with the informational support of "Azad Azerbaijan Independent Television and Radio Company".