18.01.2016 13:00

Trainings for those who want to become a school principal

The Ministry of Education announces a competition for directors of general educational institutions and pedagogical personnel, who wish to work in this position in the future, to participate in the trainings.

The main objective of the trainings, that will cover the pedagogical personnel working at general educational institutions operating in Ganja city, Goygol, Samukh, Goranboy and Dashkasan regions, is to prepare and develop school principals, who have acquired modern management skills and knowledge, are familiar with information technologies, and can contribute to education and social development of the country.

The trainings will cover topics such as quality management in education, legal basis for the management of education, computer and learning technologies, statistics and analysis in education, educational management and monitoring, psychological foundations of educational management, curriculum: theory and practical application, financial management in education. Within the framework of the trainings, visits to schools with successful experience, short-term practicum, meetings with the participation of employees of the Ministry of Education and education experts will be organized for the participants.

People with higher pedagogical education and at least three (3) years of teaching experience may participate in the competition. Candidates who meet the relevant requirements should fill in the application form (APPENDIX) and send it to the email address "telim@edu.gov.az" until February 26, 2016.

Then, the formal writing and logical thinking skills of candidates in Azerbaijani language will be evaluated. Candidates, who have succeeded at this stage, will be invited to the next stage - for an interview. According to the results of the interview, persons, who have achieved successful results, can take part in the trainings.

Those who have completed the trainings will participate in the final evaluation to be organized by the Ministry of Education. Persons, demonstrating satisfactory results in the final evaluation and not working as a director, will be registered as a personnel reserve in order to be appointed to job vacancies for the post of director. Certain incentive measures will be implemented in order to increase efficiency in the activities of those working in a position of school principal.