17.01.2016 13:00

The first stage of the Republican subject Olympiads

On January 17, the Ministry of Education will hold the first - regional (city) stage of the Republican subject Olympiads in all cities and regions of the country.

More than 27500 pupils will take part in the knowledge competition. Schoolchildren will demonstrate their knowledge and skills on 8 subjects.

The Republican subject Olympiads are held among 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, history, Azerbaijani language and literature and geography subjects. The questions that will be submitted to pupils have been prepared in a closed test format in accordance with the subject curriculum. Pupils are given a maximum of 3 hours during the examination consisting of 30-40 questions.

The results of regional (city) stage will be announced by the Republican Organizing Committee until January 27.

According to the results of regional (city) stage, the 3 best pupils, who correctly answered at least 60 percent of questions in each subject and grade, will win the right to participate in the semi-final round of the Republican stage.

Schoolchildren, who want to participate in regional (city) stage on computer science, will be able to register at www.informatika.edu.az website and take part in the online competition. Computer Science questions of regional (city) stage will be placed on the above-mentioned website on January 17, 2016, since 10:00.